Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 6 - Photos


Ryan A said...

Great photographs, Jim. The girls shared in church today and these shots were up on the screen: what a beautiful daughter you're adding to your family!

Heather and I are keeping your family in our prayers and we can't wait to see the amazing results of this adventure!

Susan said...

Jim and Tanya,
We've been praying for you each day and are so excited about God's hand in all the procedures. We love you guys and look forward to your return and a chance to get to know Tracy.
Love, Sue and Ed

janisd3 said...

Hey Jim & Tanya,
Just spoke with Alacia on her breeze by heading to Oasis. She muttered that she hadn't even been home from school today. The Mace's made them dinner and now she's here at church. Their second soccer game is tomorrow at King's. Should be a fun one! Apparently our MS has not had to play King's in soccer in the past (according to my Lacey). Looking forward to the results. I'm more than positive she'll keep you up to date. I'm praying for God's favor to continue on this process. It's amazing how he works. I love to witness examples of it! Happy Birthday on
Wednesday! Janis Downs

Tanya said...

Jim & Tanya,
We are so happy to hear about each step along the way. God's hand is in each one of them. Thank you for sharing your journey. We are praying for you and the girls. Can't wait to meet Tracy.
Luv, Tanya, Tim & girls

mmkrhanson said...

Dear Jim & Tanya and Family,
Thanks for keeping us up to date. Today is your birthday in Africa, Jim - wow. I'm thinking of all of you and praying for good news on the judge's ruling. Peace be with you as you pray and fenaggle your way through the system. Tracy, you sound like quite a kick, and your sis's are awaiting your homecoming!

We all have so much to learn about the many displaced families there, and current politics. Thank you for bringing us up close and personal.
Bless all of you, Kari

Stefanie Iblings said...

Happy Birthday Jim!
Just settling in to pray and remembered it's your birthday today in Africa. So when I wake up tomorrow and it's your birthday here, are you two years older, or just one?!! Haha just kidding!
Our hearts continue to be full of love for our amazing God and His plans for you. We are waiting with hugs and smiles to welcome Tracy home. Hope all goes well with you in court today! Love and Prayers
Stefanie, Steve & family