Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 4 - A Thanksgiving to Remember

Our ride should be here any minute, but I wanted to give a quick update that we received a wonderful invitation today.  We knew that we would be briefing for our court appearance tomorrow, but we just found out that Tracy would be there and gets to spend the night with us tonight!  You should have seen the look on Tanya's face.  Priceless.  
We're off to the Courthouse to meet with our attorney and Juliet.   Truly a day to be thankful.  
One quick prayer request.  I think my sinuses got really dried out on the airplane trips.  I'm not sure, but my head brain and sinuses feel like they want to be on the outside of my skull.  
Its not going to hold me down, but I'd rather not be affected by it.  Thankful to you and thankful for you today.  Check back for some pictures...
Happy Thanksgiving.  


Tessa Romack said...

Mom and Dad I miss you so much. Wish you guys were here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Talking to you guys and Tracy this morning really hit me with the reality that my dreams of adopting a little girl from Africa will really be coming true. Hearing her get on the phone and say "Well hello Big Sister" couldn't have made me more excited for you guys to get home so i can just give that little kid a hug and remind her how much i love her. I constantly continue to pray for the process, and cry because i get so overwhelmed. But its a good cry, i promise! Sleep tight.

Dad- Hurry up and get those pictures up PLEASE! I want to see my little sis!

Mom- Miss you watching the parade with us. Next year... :)

Love you, Tess

Tami Ruble said...

How exciting! We celebrate God's goodness towards you... so much to be thankful for! Jim, we will be praying for you about your sinus situation and trust the Lord to care for you! With much love and prayers the Rubles wish the 6 :) Romacks a very Happy Thanksgiving!!