Friday, December 12, 2008

Worth A Thousand Words

We were unable to take any pictures at the Embassy for security reasons.  So as soon as we received the visa (before they were even suppose to open this morning) We ran out of the Embassy laughing and crying and headed up the street to meet our van and driver.  You can't park near a US Embassy once again for security reasons.  We texted the kids and called "Uncle Henry" who called Grandma Gertrude.  We met them (see above picture) along the road and went to the airport together.  Gertrude got a ride on a 'boda boda' which is a motorcycle taxi!  Way to go Grandma!  You can see vaguely Tracy running to see them and celebrate the news!  

Now in this photo we are together and making the mad dash for the airport, nearly an hour away.  No shortage of smiles and relief.  

Here is the team around Tracy minus two main individuals.  Julie our 'power of attorney' who wept with Tanya on the phone when she heard this morning.  And Richard our attorney who worked tirelessly with us this last month.  As seen in the photo above (Driver Richard, Gertrude, Henry, Tracy, and Tanya) at the Airport!  

No explanation needed.  


Tessa Romack said...

i am so so happy. :) i laughed looking at the pictures, all the way till the last one, then it really hit me, that Tracy will be coming home, and living with us forever, TOMORROW! I dont think it really has even hit me that tomorrow we will actually be able to see our little sister again! there is no way im sleeping tonight, but i will try. Hope the weather is okay for us traveling to the airport. I love all three of you, Tess

p.s. Travel home safe :)

Connie Mace said...

Our GOD is an Awesome GOD! Thank you so much for letting us all share in your amazing journey!! Still praying for the rest of your trip home and for adjustments in the coming days. LORD bless you all~~

fhluganda said...

Hey ya'll,
So glad you made out of this country. Terra and I were getting a little worried waiting to here if you made it out alright. Mukama Ye Ba Zibwe! (Praise the Lord!) Hopefully we can get together when we get back next November. Jim, thanks for all the words of encouragement, even with what was going on you still found time to speak life. When you get a chance drop in on our blog and stay connected.

Viva La Uganda!

Your Brother In Christ,

Jesse Crock